Whay are the apps geting slower, and slower

Why are all the apps so slow now… why???
it takes ages to load and to fetch data, all the apps, the ones that have almost nothing and the ones that is full with functions and data, same time of sinc.
It seams like it is struggling to do, what its suppose to do. it is very annoying to wait such a long time.
like when you go to analytics it states 17 sec, but it is more then 2 min on mobile phones with 4g net.
@praveen @Steve @Arthur_Rallu

Hi @ns_soft_studio1 , no known changes on our side. If the perf analyzer says 17 s, that is what the server time is. Are you seeing this kind of delay in a browser also? If so, that becomes easier for us to debug.

We’d be happy to examine on of the apps “with almost nothing” and see what we observe. Do you mind going to the support form (from the website) and sending us as much detail as possible so we can see the problem on our side? Please add my name to it so that the support folks know to route it to me. Thanks


here is the link to a video we uploaded to you tube, how much time it takse for an empty app to sinck.
And this is like faster version of sinc time, it taks like 40 plus seconds to sinck

this is hidden video any one with the link can see it.

Hi @ns_soft_studio1 , without a doubt this is a slow sync. For us to investigate it, it will really help if:

*) You can file a support ticket via Contact us - AppSheet. — without this ticket, we are not allowed to look at your apps. Any detail you can provide (app name for sure) would be useful
*) In the notes, please indicate that you have discussed this with me in the community and request that our frontline support folks route the ticket to me.

Once we can actually look at the app and reproduce the slow sync time, we can almost always figure out what is going on. From your description, it seems to me that it must be downloading a very large amount of data to the devices across a slow network. If you are doing this in aChrome browser, try first htting F-12 (to open the developer tools), go to the Network tab in the network tools, and then do sync. It should show you where the time is going as perceived by the browser (I’m guessing a very long time is spent on fetching a very large payload during sync)