When a image is uploaded email that image to a particular email address

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i have a list of users, with a particular email assigned to them in my staff data, and in a seperate data set, a sheet for collecting uploaded images. what I am trying to achieve is that when the user uploads a image, it sends a email to that specified email, and adds the uploaded image as a attachment.

I got the email address sorted out, but cant find a way to have it add the uploaded image as a attachment. any advise?

One way I can think of is create a pdf doc using a template that only has the image in it.

Would that work for you ?

if it’s possible to have the pdf doc dynamically change every time with the new uploads, then yes.

ok while this appears to work, the jpg in the pdf gets shrunk and becomes unreadable. I am taking the image at a high quality.

Create a Bot with a Task type of “Send Email”. Scroll to the bottom of there and you have Other Attachments which you can attach files using a formula



I think you’ll need to make a Format Rule to make your .jpg bigger in your workflow PDF.

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Hi @Sven_Arndt

I think @1minManager manager is actually what you would want. Other attachments would allow you to attach the file as is. So if the file is already in a column that should be simple.