When a record is added via a form, can a reco...

(Eric Schwartz) #1

When a record is added via a form, can a record be created automatically in a referenced table with the referencing record Key?

Table [Receipt] stores the total cost of a purchase. Table [ReceiptJobCost] stores the [JobNo] and associated Job [Cost] of the purchase. The Job form displays the [Receipt] table, and is used to Add a NEW Receipt. The NEW receipt record is as yet unrelated to the Job, and so does not appear in the [Receipt] table on the form. How can we automatically create a new [ReceiptJobCost] record with the New [ReceiptID] and [Job] record [JobNo] value, and open it for the user to enter the related Job Cost info?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

I’m afraid this is not yet possible. The main reason is the process for creating a new record automatically. Though this is in our development phase and should be ready early next year.