When a table view is part of a dashboard view...

(Anton Jungreuthmayer) #1

When a table view is part of a dashboard view it seems that clicking the column heading does not sort the table - is there a setting to allow this - if not is it possible to provide this functionality ?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

I’m afraid you are not able to do that on Dashboard view. If you click the view name itself, it will open the table view and then it’s possible. Of course this is just a workaround.


@Anton_Jungreuthmayer - as @Aleksi_Alkio says, if you click on the name bar for a specific view in the dashboard, you get the selected view and can then change col sort order.

It’s actually quite nice and I found by accident.

(Anton Jungreuthmayer) #4

It seems to be a pretty obvious requirement - any chance this could be implemented ?