When an app is in prototype, all workflow ema...

(Neil Boisen) #1

When an app is in prototype, all workflow emails go ONLY to the app owner.

This is a problem.

It does not allow testing of formulas for selected emails for various users before deploying the app.

Could it not be possible to allow emails to go to the appropriate users in a prototype to allow proper testing of workflows formulas?

Or is there some fundamental barrier to allowing this?

Just a suggestion.

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(Philip Garrett) #2


I have updated the documentation to explain where this information is contained in the Audit History.

See topic “Send to” in this article help.appsheet.com - Sending Email from a Workflow Rule or Scheduled Report

The added information says:

While the app is in test mode (i.e. it has not passed a Deployment Check), any messages sent from workflow actions will only be sent to the app creator.

You can see the “Send to”, “CC”, and “BCC” values who would have received the email by checking the Audit History. It will contain a warning like the following:

“Warnings”: “Warning: The client device is running app version 1.000287, which is the latest version. That version is not deployed so all workflow emails are being sent to the app creator. This email would have gone To ‘ann@gmail.com’ CC’ed to ‘bob@gmail.com’ and BCC’ed to ‘carol@gmail.com’”,

Sending Email from a Workflow Rule or Scheduled Report help.appsheet.com

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #3

@Neil_Boisen if the worflow email test is working correctly and it’s received by the owner, than fundementally it will work for everyone when the app is deployed. If everything will be working in prototype mode, why should one deploy the app than? :blush::blush:

(Neil Boisen) #4


The email will go to different people depending upon who logs on.

The app contains a table that specifies the manager for each user.

The email notification will go to that user’s email account based on a lookup formula in the email setting of the workflow.

If the manager is logged on, the email will only go to the manager.

So the formulas underlying this logic cannot be tested in prototype.

I was, however, to use the “test” button in the formula verification screen to check that the formula was functioning correctly.

But it might be nice to allow remote beta testers to run it live.

I hope that clarifies what I meant.

(Stephen Mattison) #5

Also, my (not Deployed) test emails have a notice at the very top telling me who else the email would have gone to had the app been Deployed.

(Philip Garrett) #6


Thanks for raising the issue!

Hopefully the change will make it easier for the next person who runs into this.

(Neil Boisen) #7



I hadn’t noticed.

I guess it just goes to show you that it pays to read the small print! :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing this out.

Very useful.



(Stephen Mattison) #9


Deploy app & complete testing. Easy.

(Neil Boisen) #10

Yes, that is the easy way.

But it would be nice to be able to test ALL features in prototype.

By as @Levent_KULACOGLU

pointed out… If you can test EVERYTHING, then why would people ever deploy. LOL :slight_smile:

(Philip Garrett) #11


You can use the Audit History to see the “To”, “CC”, and “BCC” values that would have been used had the app been in production.

(Neil Boisen) #12


Interesting tip.


I will check it out.

(Neil Boisen) #13

I just checked the audit log and the EmailTo value is actually showing the app owner, not the email that would have been selected by the expression. :frowning:


Hi @Neil_Boisen If you check the fine print on the email

I think it also tells you who the email would have gone to.

(Neil Boisen) #15



Very conscientious of you to edit the documentation.

I will check the audit history again and look for that information.