When data is not appearing where you expect it to


I suppose I have two questions. The first is, how can I view the app and troubleshoot from a user’s perspective? The ‘Preview as’ in the simulator does not appear to work for me. I cannot find any documentation about this.

The second question is related to my specific issue here. We have two tables (parent-child) called consults and referred_to that are referenced. I want the user to see any data in consults where their user ID is in the AssociateID column on that table. Or if their user ID is in the AssociateID column on the referred_to table. So in practical terms they can see their own consults as well as consults being referred to them.

I have this security filter on the consults table:
IF(USERSETTINGS(“My Consults Only”),
SELECT(referred_to[consult_id], [AssociateID] = USERSETTINGS(“UserID”))

And I have one view of Waitlisted consults that is shown in a slice with this filter:
AND([AssociateID]=USERSETTINGS(“UserID”),[Referral Status] = “Waitlisted”)

My challenge is that this all works fine for me as an Admin user but it does not work for my non-admin users. Using a SQL query on the database I can determine that there should be data showing for my users.

Thanks for any tips/ideas!

Short of logging in as the user, there is no good way to do this.

have you tried the switch function?

I have a users table that holds pertinent data related to each user. I’m still in prototype mode. So, I switch the data associated with my email to reflect the different users. It is not the optimum way but has allowed me to catch some errors I might have missed.

To clarify, on my record in sheets, I add two letters before my email address to make it not match my USEREMAIL(). Then I add my self, using the add new user form in the app and set my self up as the user I want to test. So from that point on, I am that ‘class’ I want to test. After testing, I then add letters before my email address, so I can use it easily again for further test, and remove the letters I had added to my original record. FYI, I often have to close the editor tab and come back in fresh for the emulator to actually read all my ‘new’ data. One benefit of doing it this way, is I can test it on each of my devices since I am, essentially, a new user of a certain ‘class’ I need to test.

What I really need is multiple devices, each with a separate login, to represent each of the ‘classes’ of users. I have 11 different ‘classes’ of users, so that won’t happen. My next step, is to recruit co-workers to beta testers, representing one ‘class’ at a time.