When displaying PDFs in the app, is there a w...

When displaying PDFs in the app, is there a way to hide the folder name assuming the pdf file is not in the same folder as the spreadsheet?

For example, say I have a BUNCH of different PDFs & to clean up the folder view I want to divide PDFs between different subfolders. In my app I don’t want the name to be drugs/Adenosine.pdf. In fact, I really would like the end user to only see Adenosine.

(I’ve played with removing ‘.pdf’ from the name in the spreadsheet & in the file folder, but AppSheet doesn’t seem to like that too much either, even with the type set to ‘File’) :wink:

Any thoughts?

@Aleksi_Alkio any ideas come to mind? We don’t have an equivalent of HYPERLINK() for the File type, but it would be nice if we did, as that would address this issue.

Adding @Morgan_Dixon_AppShee — I wonder if this is also something we should think of as a format rule?

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@praveen, @Aleksi, @Morgan - any ideas??
It’s been a while…

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