When do column value formulas evaluate

Let’s say a have a column, “my_number”, and I then have another column called “my_number_plus_2”, with the formula [my_number] + 2.

It seems that I first have to create a record, with a value in “my_number”, then open the record back up to edit it before the formula in “my_number_plus_2” evaluates. If I just add a record, with a value in “my_number”, the “my_number_plus_2” column will still be empty. I need to re-open the record, as if I am goin to edit it, for the formula to evaluate.

Is this expected? How can I get a formula to run based on values entered during record creation?

Hi. I’m not sure what your sync or other settings are like, but that’s not the default behavior. In the sample below:

  • there are two real fields “DecimalExample” and “SecondDecimalExample”
  • and one virtual field in the app called “New Virtual Column”.
  • “SecondDecimalExample” and “New Virtual Column” both have formulas.
  • When you change the value of “DecimalExample” the other two fields update immediately.

Is this what you were referring to?