When entering the code then named - surname to be able to record

First of all, it must be said that
My OT app is divided into 3 main tables:

  1. Record OT of employees

  2. Record the OT of the support contract

  3. Save OT Soup & Staff

  4. List of employees + supervisors and staff

  5. Table of names of subcontract employees
    The problem encountered here is
    When employees enter OT data, they often accidentally enter the wrong password.
    3 main tables that have been reported, each table will have a separate
    such as

3.1 Employee OT record
3.2 Save OT Soup & Staff
will use the same employee list table as Clause 4.

3.3 Support’s OT record The list table of Article 5 will be used.

But the thing is that I divided the data table into 3 separate company employees, subcontracts, supervisors & staff.

what i want is
Employees’ table will have a list of employees + supervisors, but
List of subs in the data because they are separate.

when the staff mop come to key in of the company employee table or company employees Go to the sub’s key information. will not be able to key

my OT schedule will have to fill out by yourself
when entering employee code In the employee’s field, the company’s name will appear - surname.
but if you enter the wrong code and not named will not be able to save

Now when the staff Enter the information of the employees of the company.
will not be named but can be saved