When i added new survey, first columns is changed with last saved survey and it lost

When i added new survey(just yes/no question) and send them on excel sheet, first column is changed with last saved survey and it lost.
Hence. i am losing datas.
Is it related that alert?

Yes , it is.

I know you can’t use row keys for editable tables, only for read only ones.

Two users , when saving, will kinda have the same row number, and they will “overwrite”.

Best to create another column, as a key column, and use uniqueid() as initial value formula, and hide it for the users.


I actually tried your advise before but it did not work.
I tried one more and it worked exactly.


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Generally speaking, warning and error messages are there for a reason. You should read and respond to them. In this case, it exactly described your problem.


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