When I change the default app folder in "Prop...


When I change the default app folder in “Properties” to another folder in my Google Drive, the workflow pdf’s are still saved in old folder “/appsheet/data/name_app”. Is there a way to change this?

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@Stan Though you can choose the folder from the Workflow itself with the option “Attachment Folder Path”.

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Account 463793 will be included in the rollout once we deploy this afternoon Seattle time.

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@Stan @RezaRaoofi @Aleksi_Alkio

Hi Stan,

You uncovered a bug.

When we were archiving the PDF attachment, we were not properly honoring the value specified in the “Default app folder” property on the Info > Property pane. We attempted to do so, but ended up storing the PDF attachment in the wrong folder.

Aleksi is correct that you can now specify the “Attachment Folder Path” in the workflow rule. When you do this, the “Default app folder” property and the “Attachment Folder Path” should work in concert to specify the PDF archive folder name.

For example, if the “Default app folder” value is “/1track/data/MyApp-24403/MyDefnFolder1”, and the “Attachment Folder Path” value is “MyFolderA/MyFolderZ”, and the Attachment file name is “ChangeReport20190210_162808_424.pdf”, then the resulting archived PDF file name should be “/1track/data/MyApp-24403/MyDefnFolder1/MyFolderA/MyFolderZ/ChangeReport20190210_162808_424.pdf”

I have just made a change to correct this problem. If testing goes well, the change will be released on Monday afternoon Seattle time.

When I make such a change, I release it to a few customers at a time.

If you wish to be included, please provide your account id and I will include you in the “Rollout”.


Thanks! It’s nice to see that you act so fast to this kind of bugs! It would be nice if you could include this account 274580.

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I have added you to the rollout. If testing goes well, the change will be released this afternoon Seattle time.

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The change has been deployed and you are in the rollout, so the change should be in effect for your account.


It’s works great! Thanks! Now I can finally link my workflow documents to a column in a row!


@Philip_Garrett_Appsh When does the fix roll out to other accounts? I’m helping someone who could also use it.

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If you provide the account id, I can add it to the rollout manually.


This account 463793 and the account related to this email: studiejekerdal@gmail.com