When i read barecode with app, it return me 0...

(Arnaud B.) #1

When i read barecode with app, it return me 00051651511 instead of 51651511. It always add zero in front off my barecode ? Why ?



Are you sure they aren’t part of the barcode? I think you could use NUMBER([barcode]) to get rid of them.

(Arnaud B.) #3

@Adam_Stone_AppSheet i dont’t understand. Where must i write this expression ?


One option is to add another column and make that the AppFormula, however you would still have the original column with the zeros as well. To modify the value in-place would be a bit more complicated, but you could use a “set the value of a column” Action attached to the Form Saved event to change the value at the point the form is saved. In that case the result still needs to be Text-type, so the expression for the value to be set by the action should be CONCATENATE(NUMBER([barcode column name]))

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