When I try to change UX my edits dont take

(Keith Annis) #1

When I change the UX on Appsheets I see what I want, But when I save It reverts back to previous version. WHY?
I want FIrst Name and Last name to show but I get this
After save I get this:

(SKETCHwade) #2

Is it possible your ‘starting view’ isn’t set to the correct view?

It is located under UX > Options > General

(Steve Coile) #3

Your screenshot shows the table columns (from Data > Tables) and the emulator, but doesn’t show the view configuration (from UX > Views). The view configuration is the primary driver for what displays in the app. Could you share the view configuration?

(Keith Annis) #4

Steve and Sketch
Thanks for getting back. I punted and started fresh and it seems to work. The app is deployed so I am a little hesitant to go in and play with it now. Thanks again

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