When I use a "ref" type column to create a en...

(Neil Boisen) #1

When I use a “ref” type column to create a enum (dropdown) from rows of another table, when the user views a record in the main table (detail view), a small blue arrow appears next to the ref field that allows the user to view the rows of the related ref table.

Is there any way to turn off that blue arrow and prevent the user from viewing the related ref table?

(mimicking the behavior of a normal enum or Valid_IF dropdown)?

(Neil Boisen) #2

I am able to hide all but 1 column and can turn off the slideshow function in the related detail view, but it would be nice to simply get rid of those blue arrows and prevent the drill down to the ref table.

(Neil Boisen) #3

OK, found the answer in another post in the community.

Behavior>Action and hide the reference action.