When I'm adding a new row, I have a column th...

(Simon Blackburn) #1

When I’m adding a new row, I have a column that is hidden using showif =FALSE.

How can I get this column to show when I’m editing a row?

(Grant Stead) #2

In your options you need to turn off show if universally.

(Simon Blackburn) #3

It already is off.

(Simon Blackburn) #4

Absolutely nothing.

My app is basically a work rota/diary. If I do any over time, I want to be able to add this to my days work, hence why I wanted the field to only be visible when I come to edit a row and not when I’m adding a new row.

I have a row titled ‘comments’ which is always visible so I might just have to admit defeat and use that for any overtime I do.

(Grant Stead) #5

@Simon_Blackburn If you post back with the column name of the one you want to show/hide, and the column name of the key column, we can hook you up with the exact formula to use

(Steven Coile) #6

Okay. You probably want to be using Editable_If rather than Show_If.

What is the column you want hidden? Is it just the overtime amount?

(Simon Blackburn) #7

Key column is [Start Date] and the column I want showing/hiding is [Extra Work].

(Simon Blackburn) #8

+Steve Coile I want the column [Extra Work] to be hidden when I’m adding a new entry but it’s currently visible. If I decide to do any extra work, I want to be able to edit this entry on another day and see the column [Extra Work] so I can then add any overtime I do.

I don’t know if that makes sense.

(Simon Blackburn) #9

You can see in this image the column EXTRA WORK is visible, I want it hidden.

(Simon Blackburn) #10

When I edit an existing entry, the column EXTRA WORK is visible which is fine. I just want it hidden when I’m creating a new entry.

(Steven Coile) #11

@Simon_Blackburn What is the name of the KEY column for this table?

(Simon Blackburn) #12

+Steve Coile [Start Date]

(Jacob Lin [AppSheet]) #13

@Simon_Blackburn I’m not sure if this is exactly what you had in mind but I have a slight workaround. You can use the Show_if that you were intending to use. For the Show_if statement, just put ISNOTBLANK([Column]), replacing column with one of the columns that would presumably be blank when you create a new row. However, this column would show once there is data.

(Grant Stead) #14

Well then if show if it’s false, then yes it will never be seen while editing… (Even during the add…) There is some trickery with this…

(Jacob Lin [AppSheet]) #15

@Simon_Blackburn Also, make sure that the column that you want hidden is not a required field; would be slightly counterproductive :slight_smile:

(Simon Blackburn) #16

+Jacob Lin Perfect. Thank you so much.

(Simon Blackburn) #17

Also thanks to +Steve Coile & @Grant_Stead

(Grant Stead) #18

+Steve Coile We got sniped so hard by +Jacob Lin!

Also, Teamwork is the bestest!

(Stephen Mattison) #19

25 comments to get this sorted, could be a new record!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #20

Community hard at work :]