When looking at the analyzer, my degree of pa...

(Grant Stead) #1

When looking at the analyzer, my degree of parallelism is 3… what does this mean, and can I affect it?

(Grant Stead) #2

I’ve played with it a bit… and now it says 2 and seems faster… (But I have no idea what exactly I did to get it to say 2… LOL

(Grant Stead) #3

And, now I’m back to 3…

(Grant Stead) #4

And the editor emulator sync gets like a 2 second sync and 3 degrees of parallelism. And the device get’s 17 second sync, and 2 degrees…

(Grant Stead) #5
(Grant Stead) #6

Side note, I got some great error text for some expressions… It highlighted it, and the error note persisted all the way from the info tab, all the way to the actual column… Pretty cool

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #7

See #4 in this article. help.appsheet.com - Improving the Speed of Sync Improving the Speed of Sync help.appsheet.com

(Grant Stead) #8

@praveen So, if when i’m on the corporate plan, i’ll get the biggest benefit.

Also, spreadsheet formulas, I’ve got a query that populates an entire tab. Does appsheet force that to calculate when the user does a sync? The data is relatively static, and shouldn’t change often.