When one wishes to create charts is there any...

(Gregory Diana) #1

When one wishes to create charts is there anyway to independently select the x and y axes ?

It appears that currently this depends on how the spreadsheet data is imported and not on the imported Appsheet spreadsheet columns whether

actual or virtual.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Gregory_Diana The horizontal and vertical axes are determined by the type of chart that you’re using, which will depend on the layout of your data in your table. You can read more about this here: help.appsheet.com - Working with Charts

You should be able to use both virtual and non-virtual columns in your chart. Working with Charts help.appsheet.com

(Gregory Diana) #3

Hi Tony,

Thanks but this sheds very little light on the issue. I already read the section you refer to and it provides scant detail / examples. Very verbal no visual. In some charts virtual columns may not be used for the x-axis in other they may. Some may allow drill down others not.

I understand the charting is canned but is somewhat primitive in terms of options so any (programming and non-programming user) needs to understand both the context and extent to which the provided Appsheet charting options may be used or cover.

Otherwise it turns into a mass bang your head manual exercise.