When running my app on a mobile device the st...

(Nick Parsons) #1

When running my app on a mobile device the start screen looks ok (quality / resolution could be better though!!).

When I open up in a browser, the start screen image is very poor quality, low resolution…it doesn’t give a good quality impression when showing the app.

Is there a way to change the image for a browser so the image looks good? Or remove it from browser, this would be better than poor quality but not ideal as I would like to use an image but only of good quality?


(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

@Nick_Parsons1, you can modify the start screen image used for you app. From the UX -> Brand pane of the app editor.

(Nick Parsons) #3

@praveen hi, I have tried but having designed the screen to suit the recommended size it works ok on mobile but stretched on a monitor. Is the no way of having 1 for mobile and 1 for desktop so they are optimised for both sizes¿