When Sheets adds a new row from AppSheet, the...

(Jayne Hawkins) #1

When Sheets adds a new row from AppSheet, the formulas applied to that new row aren’t the same as the ones above it.

For example, in Sheets, Column A is text values (with data validation). However, when I do an ADD from AppSheet, Sheets is applying a concatenated formula to the new data in Column A.

Every column in the Sheet is having the wrong formula applied to it, which is causing an error in most of the new row’s cells.

WHY? Where are these formulas coming from? Shouldn’t AppSheet just automatically apply the formulas that appear in the Sheets rows that already exist above the new entry?


Not knowing what your sheet formulas are, its hard to say, but It sounds like you should maybe be using Appsheet formulas rather than spreadsheet formulas.