When testing BOT , not deliver to the actual recipients but app creator

Is it just me, or is it a problem that when testing a BOT or WF, it actually sends the email or push to the actual recipients.

But when testing, it would be good if it only informed who would normally get this, and only send to the on-logged app creator. Similar to before you deploy an app.

Now when testing, I have to inform the recipients that the previous email was just a test.
We have live apps and cannot always add dummy data before testing…

I believe you’re hitting the “Run” button, not the “Test”


Hitting the test button causes a similar screen to appear like you would find if you hit the “Test” button inside the “Expression Assistant” - a list of records with the result of the formula you’re testing.

When you use the test button, the actual bot isn’t run, instead you get a printout of what would have happened if it did run.

  • You can then further execute a single record’s execution if you wish

Tapping the “Run” button does exactly that - it’s like a manual trigger.

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I wish, but no. I klick “Test” and then “Execute” …

This is how AppSheet team set up recently although I urged it is not reasonable. Once the app is deployed we have no longer test the bot like we did on WF.

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WoW! Got this through without any votes and within 1 day!!! Thanks a lot:)

We are all running out vote to join

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