When the last field on the form is entered, I...

(Mahesh Gajanan) #1

When the last field on the form is entered, I am going to “Auto Save” but I would like it to be preceded by a user prompt confirming record commit

Questions: 1. Is such a confirmation message preceding the auto-save possible? 2. Can the confirmation message contain some column value for the record being saved?


(GreenFluxLLC) #2

You can do this by adding a blank column, and a [Confirm] column to the end of your sheet.

The blank column creates a Show-type column, which will separate the pages of your form. So the user will see all other questions on page 1, then the Show column creates a page break, and page 2 asks for confirmation.

(Steven Coile) #3

Similar to what @GreenFlux suggests: add an Enum column as the last column of the form. Give the column one possible value, Confirm (or whatever term you prefer), via Valid_If; no initial value; make the column required. AppSheet should automatically display it as a button. The user won’t be able to Save the form without pressing the button because the column is required. With auto-advance ON for the form, pressing this button–the last column input of the form–the form should Save automatically when the button is pressed. By merit of being an input column, you’ll have a record that the user pressed the button.

(Stephen Mattison) #4

@Mahesh_Gajanan Unless this is some life-changing decision, I personally would not do the Show column to bring up a separate Page, too many pages.

What you’re asking is very simple to do at the end of your Form, as +Steve Coile suggested.

I ask User ‘Accept & Save’ for ‘Terms & Conditions’, as soon as they click to enter ‘Yes’ the Form auto-advances & auto-saves.

You just need one Required Enum column that has only one choice ‘Agree’ or ‘Yes’.

Appsheet should automatically make this into a Button.

If it’s super important, you could ask for a Signature.

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(Mahesh Gajanan) #5


+Steve Coile @Stephen_Mattison, wow! love it! Really cool ideas. Thanks a lot!

@Stephen_Mattison, really nice looking screen. Not to change the topics here but I am wondering did these colors come via some standard theme? And the asterisk for mandatory fields came with the theme as well? And the blue text for the hyperlink? how does one get such a red band with key field at the top?

(Stephen Mattison) #6

@Mahesh_Gajanan Thanks & YW!

Those colors are standard Appsheet, Dark-Red, found under UX > Brand > Color Theme.

Red asterisk appears to signify that Column is marked Required.

Blue Link color is automatic Appsheet.

For this blue PDF Link I use a Show Column set up with a Formula for a URL Link like this:

(Mahesh Gajanan) #7

When the user enters the last field (i.e. confirmation button) on the form, auto save will automatically advance. In my case, ideally it should go back to a form where I will let user scan the next item.

So the flow would approximately work like this - Scan form which has only one field, so scan auto-advances - User review the fields on form and presses confirm button, auto advances

  • Scan form


(Stephen Mattison) #8

@Mahesh_Gajanan Yes feasible/easy.

See Finish View in your Form set up. You’ll see many choices that you can Finish to upon Form Save.

(Stephen Mattison) #9

@Stephen_Mattison And, the “red bar” that you asked about at the top of my screenshot above is just the Year data of User Birthdate that I ask for.

It turns red when chosen.

The “Yes” button seen at the bottom of my screenshot is the one option Data Validation/Enum “Yes” that has not been chosen yet.