When uploading a file, can we retrieve the original filename to pre-populate on the Form?

On a form to upload files, when we select the file, its original name is shown in the File field I assume to confirm which file was chosen. See the image below for an example.

Is there some way to grab this original filename, maybe some AppSheet variable is exposed, so it can be used on the Form to pre-populate a Name column?

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 5.18.46 PM

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Anyone have any ideas on this. I am being asked by a client if its possible to automatically retrieve this name instead of them manually type the name each time.

I don’t think there is any function or expression in AppSheet that would give you access to the original file name. It is lost in the upload process.

But if you have them upload the images to Google Drive first, the name is preserved and you can use Integromat to populate the sheet with the correct (original) file names.


I believe that’s correct; I’m not aware of any function to do that.

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