When using a scannable field, is it possible ...

(Sebastian Tiller) #1

When using a scannable field, is it possible to configure AppSheet so the scanned input is only a portion of the string in the item lookup it needs to match against?

Currently, I have a scenario where I have “Field 1 - Field 2 - Barcode” as a concatenated string. This is used in the field that the user has to select on.

If the user taps into the field it returns a list all of the items and a nice search box at the top. If I type any part of this complete string it starts to filter and I can select it. However, if I just tap the barcode button and scan the barcode it returns “The scan result didn’t match any known entries.” because it’s trying to match against the whole string.

Is it possible to: A) Enable Barcode Scanning in the Search part of the pop-up, or, B) Switch the use of the Barcode to be a contains at the top level.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Would you please show some samples from the real world and it would be easier to understand the goal, thanks.