When using Inline Forms, is there a way to ad...

(Eloi George) #1

When using Inline Forms, is there a way to adjust the UX?

The system-generated

_Form view uses the table itself, so the field order is tied to the table itself.

I tried making a Slice from that table & then a “

_Form 2” (can’t use the same name to override), but there’s no way to tie clicking the row (to edit) to using that other view.

Is there another option, or do I have to reorder the spreadsheet itself?

(Jerry Lan) #2

@Eloi_George I posted this question just a few hours earlier :slight_smile:

(Steven Coile) #3

@Eloi_George & @Jerry_Lan, I wrestled with this very issue myself for quite awhile before settling on my current approach: I always layer a slice atop my table, write all of my formulas to reference the slice instead of the table, and attach all views to the slice instead of the table. Because I already had extensive formulas that referenced the table name, and didn’t want to rewrite them all, I renamed the table and gave the new slice the table’s original name.

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(Eloi George) #4


So, instead of creating a Virtual Ref Column to Table2, We create one (or change the App formula) that points to Slice2?

It works! There’ll probably be an extra layer of SELECTs going on in the background, but at least this gets it done!