Where can I check the current size of my app


I would like to see where my application stands today in terms of size relative to the max size authorized for the application, to check if the project can stand growth.


Hi! Your question made me wonder about size limits. I found the following:

AppSheet does not enforce a limit on the number of tables per application. Complex apps can have 20 to 30 tables and 20 to 30 views.

According to this, I have an app with way too many views:

But I haven’t noticed a serious problem. My app works quite well. Many of my views are detail views that display some kind of warning or confirmation message in a special circumstance.

The image is taken from the app documentation page. The following post describes how to get there:

By the way, when I use Manage --> Monitor --> Performance profile doesn’t seem to include warnings about size, but poor performance might be a symptom.

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