Where can I find info on pros and cons of exc...

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Where can I find info on pros and cons of excel vs. sheets in AppSheet? Limitations, benefits, etc. Thank you!

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@Dialect_Junk Many of our users use Excel sheets because they and their teams have already been using and storing data in OneDrive or Office 365. One significant advantage of Excel is that you can take advantage of other products and features in the Microsoft business applications ecosystem. However, the biggest drawback when working with Excel using AppSheet is that you cannot edit an Excel file directly while an AppSheet app is writing to the file. If an app attempts to edit an Excel sheet while the sheet is opened in edit mode, an error will occur. As a result, it can be quite inconvenient to use the app if other members in the team frequently edit the Excel sheet directly.

The biggest advantage of Google Sheet is that it is free. Also, Google Sheet is actually very similar to Excel, and have a lot of similar functions, which makes it very easy to learn how to use if you are already familiar with Excel. Another big advantage of Google Sheet is that you can write your own custom scripts that can perform regular data update or collection tasks in your sheets. Finally, we have observed that our system works most reliably with Google Sheet, and is most compatible with Google Drive file system. In terms of performance, except for dedicated database such as MySQL or SQLServer, AppSheet has the best performance when working with Google sheets.

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@Stephen_Mattison Thanks for spotting the mistake, I’ve fixed it.

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Thank you for the excellent info! That was great!