Where do I edit what shows in the "Related......

(Steve Wood) #1

Where do I edit what shows in the “Related…” column at the bottom of a Detail View? I thought I had done this in the past, but cannot figure it out now. I have a list of Project Managers, and when I look at the Detail View for one of them, I see the Related Projects column at the bottom (in a Table View). It currently shows the Project Number (which is the Key) and a bunch of actions. I want it show the Project Name and less actions.

(Marc Dillon) #2

Find the Project _Inline view in UX page. You may have to select the “show system views” at the bottom.

(Steve Wood) #3

@Marc_Dillon That’s what I had thought, but that view didn’t exist. I just created a new view, and named it “Proj_Inline” and it took that spot and is formatted correctly. Thank you.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

@Steve_Wood, all the project inline views should exist automatically. But they are System Views, so you do have to click on “Show System Views” to see them.

(Steve Wood) #5

@praveen I thought they should, but this one didn’t. I believe it was because I was actually using a slice instead of the full Project table.