Where is data stored?

I built an app for myself that a coworker would like to use as well.

I have no problem with deploying the app, but what happens to the data and pictures that he would input?
Would appsheet create a folder, new spreadsheet, and photo dumps on his google account, or add it to mine? I have the app output an email with a .pdf report, would it generate the emails on his account or mine?

Hi @Steven_Tarter

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Yes, basically your default app folder is here in your Drive:

Each time you create an app, a subfolder will be created there, along with image folder (named according to the database which images come from) and file folder.
It goes to the app owner’s personal Google Drive, unless you change it manually there in your app settings. Please find below an example:




If you deploy your app and share the app link, your coworker would be using your app, your data, and your storage. Generated reports and uploaded files would be stored in your Google account.

If your coworker has their own AppSheet account, copies your app to their account, and uses their copy, the copy will use their data and storage by default.