Where is the data when creating app from google sheet?

I cannot find the directory which contains my app data when the app was “Auto-created from Google Sheets”.
In the info/app propeties section it appears as (appsheet/data/myapp-xxxx)
but it is not on google drive where it should be…
Where is it?

The spreasheet you created app stays as data source for your app. If yoru spreadsheet is in the root position under the your drive, then the files, attachmets and images will be saved to a folder on the root position, which is same folder tree level of your spreadsheet.

Yes app property pane indicate appsheet/data/myapp xxx , but you can ignore.

Nop i cant find it,
The gsheet is on the Gdrive root but no files directory there…

After the app is created, did you save files through the app?

Yes, I have forms with image columns. I have uploaded some photos.
In the app on appsheet everything is ok and I can see the photos
I tested it on 3 apps

Have you checked Trash in Google drive? The Appsheet checks the file by file ID, not by file name. Therefore, the sub-parent folder has no meaning.

If you can see your data in the app. Your file is in the trash.

  1. I use the files outside of appsheet later in external app…
  2. Nothing in trash… I am sure the files are somewhere… I can see the photo also extenaly, but I need to have control of this physical directory
  3. This accures only when creating an app from the spreadsheet tools/appsheet, so for now I don’t use this option.