Where is the USERSETTINGS data stored?

I have a public app where users choose a country and can optionally provide an email (not an authentication system) in the settings. I have a publisher pro plan.

I would like to be able to see a table where this settings data is.

Where can I find this table or how can I consult the USERSETTINGS data?


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So if it is not stored in the cloud, I cannot access the user settings? I would like to capture data of the users through the configurations, would I have to create a separate form?

Of course you can, depending on what you mean by “access”.

Possible with user settings, depending on what you mean.

Maybe be more specific about your goals?


In the settings I ask 3 things: for the country, the email and if they mark “Yes” or “Not” to receive advertising emails.

I would like to see a table with the emails and the options that they marked.

If you want the responses stored in a spreadsheet or database so that the data is available by other means, you cannot use user settings.


Thank You! I guess I will have to use a form.