Where to start? Sample app for tracking customer cleanse purchases for juice bar

Hi! New to AppSheet, coming over from Coda where performance has become a real issue, and looking for a place to start from. The Coda app I have is an internal app for a juice bar, tracking customer cleanse purchases. This is what it currently does and what I’d like to reproduce with AppSheet:

  1. Create a Client Record, which includes basic info like phone, email, etc.
  2. Create a Cleanse Record (separate table), which includes the Client, cleanse type (1 of 3), duration, start date, etc…
  3. From the Cleanse Record, auto-create multiple rows in a 3rd table for each day of the cleanse based on the duration (3 days = 3 rows). Each row’s columns specify the products included that day, which auto-populate based on the cleanse type but are also able to be manually overridden.
  4. Change the status of each day based on prep/pickup/delivery status.

The primary table we use is the Pickup Schedule (#3 above) that displays days and products, as customers will pickup a day or more at a time and that needs to be scheduled. The reset is reference. Again, it’s an internal tool, not customer-facing, no purchasing, communication, etc.

If there’s anything you know of that may be a good framework to work off of, I appreciate the tips!



You could try SPEC

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