Which are the sample by by top object count

I would like to study 5 sample app very thoroughly (deeply) but there are many sample and I don’t know which ones to choose.

they are classified by Industry, Functions and Feature, but I would like to be able to search by top count

can you give me for these 5 categories the top 2 sample app

1: sample with a lot of Tables , Slices
2: sample with a lot of Menu & Ref views
3: sample with a lot of Expression and complex
4: sample with a lot of Action and workflow
5: the latests date of creation I suppose it has the most beautiful UX


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Hi @Stephane_Liema
That is a big ask. By nature the sample apps are not overly complicated as that would defeat the purpose of the app and they would have limited appeal. Most have tables, slices, actions and workflows or reports. When you are making an app for a specific purpose then is the time to get complicated and complex and include security options etc to suit the end user.
The Inventory Management and Order Capture Apps are popular.


I agree there are a lot of sample apps, and when you’re looking for a specific behavior to build inside the app… It’s almost impossible to find something like that.

I think it would be a great addition to include a cross reference point for the functionalities inside an app, and also include keywords like tables, slices, expressions, workflows, actions, etc that people can then key on when they’re trying to find an example of how to use an action, for example.

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Ok thanks
i will look at theses 2 samples.

@MultiTech_Visions, @Stephane_Liema
There are choices you can make on the sample app page to find features.

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