Which Column(a) changed and recording them in an audit file

I’d like to keep tracks of changes made by users in a table

I have tried to use ChangeCounter linked to a Workflow and separately a Workflow set to ALL_CHANGES and adding a new row to a sheet called Changes.

But neither are really successful as I don’t really know which column has changed and what it is was changed from.

The only was I can see to do this is to use a ChangeCounter set to each column and check them all individually.

Is there a better solution I haven’t found yet?

Many thanks for your assistance

If you don’t have lot of data to follow, you could create a log column and save older updated column’s values there.

The best I’ve been able to come up with is just keeping a copy of every row as it’s changed: use a workflow to, on any change, copy the row (or just critical columns) to the audit table. The audit table will then always have both the historic and current values.

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Many thanks both of you.

I think I’ll look at copying over critical columns

Thank you both :slight_smile:

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