Which is faster, slice or Valid If formulas

I have a choice of filtering some dropdowns with rather complex fomulas, or creaing slices with those formuas (and then simply pointing the dropdown validation to the slice).
Does the slice option provide better sync times?

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Performance hinges on so many variables, and given that you’re using complex expressions, you’d probably have to do testing to determine which is better.

We might be able to provide better guidance if we had an idea what the expressions were.

Hi Steve… here is a sample of the formulas,image
I could have the formula as a Valid If verifyer in a number of forms or have it filter a slice which I would point ( REF) the dropdown to. I was just wondering if as a rule AS renders the formula once in a slice and more times in forms…

The Valid If expression is evaluated each time the physical row is modified (but not when virtual columns of the row change), such as when edited in a form or modified by an action.

A slice filter expression is evaluated any time the row or any of the values used by the expression changes, and at every sync.


It seems then that I would benefit more from using slice filter expressions, since the records have other columns that change from other activities. I’ll do a test to compare performance though. Thanks for taking the time for that clarification…