White label app and Public App Questions

I have an app that I want to White Label and possibly make available in the App Stores. It will be a public app with NO login. I don’t want to make any wrong assumptions.

AppSheet says you can distribute a white label app on your own: “A white label native version of an AppSheet app is a native mobile app with your own branding you can publish directly in an app store or distribute on your own.” But I found a post that says that ONLY works on Android and NOT Apple. Is that correct?

It sounds like you have to get a different license for White Label apps versus Public Apps.

  1. The use of the white label option requires 10 licenses of AppSheet Core plan. Please consult the AppSheet pricing page for more details. from: What is a White Label Native App? | AppSheet Help Center

  2. From the pricing page for Public Apps: Publicly accessible applications that don’t contain sensitive data and don’t require user sign-in can be created with an AppSheet Publisher Pro subscription. These apps include the feature sets of the AppSheet Core Plan, but do not include user sign-in options or the use of security filters. Publisher Pro apps can be used by an unlimited number of users for $50/mo/app.

Can I White Label a Public App? If so, what is the monthly cost?

Yes, you can Whitelabel public apps if you are subscribed to a Publisher Pro Plan and also publish it on Playstore and Apple Store.
The monthly cost is 50$ per month per app.

I have done that for a couple of my apps and it works perfectly fine.


Thank you. That is what I was planning but got concerned as I read more. I’m relieved.

Just found this in the editor under Deploy. It’s the first time I’ve found that it is EITHER Core plan with 10 users OR Publisher Pro Plan. That really should be posted in the pricing documents.

You can whitelist you app on both google play and apple appstore. Google takes about 1-2 hours of work including editing various photos. Apple, well get ready…

I’ve so far spent about 15 hours trying to get an app listed and paid external contractors about 5 hours to help me with various things. Note you need to have access to and apple PC or laptop (less than about 3-4 year old) and also an iPad or iPhone. I’ve submitted the app to apple and so far I think we are on the 5 issue that they’ve moaned about. The latest is they want us to explain actually in the App why we want the users to take photos and what we are going to do with them. The app is simply a way for people to do an inspection on their trailers and take photos to log issues.

Here is the Android one if you want to take a look - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appsheet.whitelabel.guid_4a333933_72d3_4c08_ac15_08e511545b4e&gl=GB

For one app on both apple and google you’ll need one pubisher license at $50 per month


Thank you for your detailed explanation. Thankfully my organization has someone who is experienced with publishing to both stores. I will have to get the app ready but they will put it through, and hopefully will spot any issues Apple may complain about ahead of time. I’m all in with Apple so have that covered. I’d hate to have to buy apple products just to publish to them.

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