White label app


I am currently building an app that I plan to distribute to employees of a small company. I will have to distribute the app as white label app in apk format.

My question is that is there a way to put a timer on the app. What I mean is that when an employee installs the app on his/her android phone, the app should get deactivated or unusable after a certain period (say 1-12 months)?

The reason for that is in our company employees keep moving within teams, so if 1 employee is in a team for say 1 month, I want to give access to him/her to the app for only 1 month.

is that possble?

Many thanks

Possible, but not easy.

I like that it’s possible? Can I ask how so?

I like that it’s possible? Can I ask how so?

I’m not an expert on this, but a “dumb” and insecure way to make it unusable would be to filter out all data by useremail and date. If people open the app, you still have to pay for the user that month though.

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but would that be possible for a white label app? I am assuming your suggestion means if the app is still handled by appsheet?

A long shot but maybe good enough to work on it.

I am thinking at a private table "Activation"which would have columns [ID], [Status] and [Date] with one record (put a value in ID and leave status and date blank) and with update rights only. Being a private table, the data stored in it will be individual for each user.

All columns in the app will have a ShowIf condition that all the columns [Status] from Activation to be Active (will only be one record)

When the user installs the app, will go to a Detail view with the only action to set the date to TODAY() and [Status] to Active, action which will be visible only when the [Status] is blank.

So now the user has access and you have the start date.

Not knowing the app, can’t say how exactly, but that [Status] column from Activation table should be set to Inactive when TODAY()-[Date]> desired time interval.

I hope it helps!