White label package name... is there a way to change it?

Hey there,

A while ago, while exploring how Appsheet and Android deployment worked, a white-label app was generated and submitted to Google Play Store, using someone else’s Google developer account. The app was then installed on a few devices, as way of testing it. No one thought much of this.

Now that the app has been improved and we want to launch it with our own Google developer account, we’re facing an issue. This error message comes up when I try to upload the APK:

You need to use a different package name because ‘com.appsheet.whitelabel.guid_xxxxxxxxxxxxx’ already exists in Google Play.

Now, the other developer has the app on their account and it’s been unpublished on his end, but it’s my understanding that won’t change anything because the apk is still there.

So, is there a way to generate a new package name on Appsheet Editor? I couldn’t find any setting related to this.

Any of you dealt with this situation before?

Quick update:

Appsheet doesn’t allow to generate a new package name.
So, the solution is to duplicate the existing app. And from the new copy, generate a new apk (which will have a new package name).

An alternative solution could be transferring the ownership of the app. Google Play Store allows this. But we didn’t explore this avenue.

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