White Label process flow

Hello and good morning,

i want to know the process flow of the white label.

if i deploy the app i create in white label, does that mean my application will appear in the ios and android play store. does this require any payment when deploy to those platforms?

and how much is the payment fee for the deploy to those platforms?
those this require me to send(share Link) to other use again using the appsheet? or they can just download it and have access to the app?

does it really require 10 license core plan??.. how do we know if our app pass the review? sorry for asking to many question since it my company first time using this…

I’m afraid I’m really not qualified to answer your questions. I encourage you to contact sales@appsheet.com for answers.

Attn @William

Hafiz, by keeping your app undeployed with fewer than 10 end users, you can test your app for free to make sure it will pass your review. Once you’re ready, you can deploy and purchase the right plan.

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