White Label User Subscriptions

Hi, it is unclear to me what the pricing would be for users of my white label app.

What is the pricing for 1,000 users? Or 10,000 users?

Can I charge individual users a monthly fee to access one of three restricted pages?

Users would need to sign in and change their subscription plans.

Hi @quizapp

For pricing question, you may want to write to the Sales team.
Please see here, section “Talk to the team”:


I have emailed them, but have not heard back. I guess the appsheet model is low coding, high vagueness when it comes to pricing. Vague pricing rarely leads to low pricing :slight_smile:

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I’ll try to escalate internally.

Thank you. It is a real momentum killer to have to wait multiple days for someone to reply with custom pricing options - especially when pricing options should already be standardized and transparent for all.


In order to use a white labelled app, you would need to be on the Core plan or above (with a minimum of 10 users). The Core plan costs $10/user/month. We’d be happy to talk with you about volume discounts if you are looking at having 1,000 or 10,000 users.

You can find out more information about white labelling in our online documentation: What is a White Label Native App? | AppSheet Help Center

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So William,

You are effectively saying that a Public App, with no login and unlimited users, cannot be White Labeled and made available in the store?

That seems extremely limiting and cost prohibited for a truly public app.

To be extremely clear, “Publisher Pro apps can be used by an unlimited number of users for $50/mo/app.” can only be installed using the AppSheet container as a host? And not white labeled through the App Stores? If so, that just ruined my my whole plan for my public app. My private secure app users don’t like having to download AppSheet, I can’t imagine what public users will think.


It seems to me that these low code/no code apps are mostly for business use cases with limited users. Which is how these low code apps justify their ridiculously high price per user.

What is comical is that I have yet to see a low code app worth $1/user/month, much less $10/user/month. A true cost value should be 10 cents per user per month.

I thought that the transition to Google would mean that the Appsheet user universe would broaden and prices would come down. I was mistaken. There are many other options out there, just not here :slight_smile:

Its true that some ideas aren’t well suited for AppSheet, particularly anything that would derive its value primarily from a large userbase would likely not fair well on the platform (e.g. social media applications). There are other low-code / RAD tools that cater to this market, though.

AppSheet shines when paired with business oriented / workflow-based applications, and is particularly great when you need offline capabilities. Many of the applications I build for myself aren’t possible on other platforms due to lack of offline support.

More to the point: myself and many others are extracting much more value from this platform than $10/user/month.


If one charges a user $1.99 to buy an app with advertising, and adds on a subscription model after that, there is still no use case for $10/user/month in the real world.

I can see your point for a highly limited, closed world case.

Appsheet is ideal for turning business spreadsheets into a database, something I easily cost-justify at $10 per user (and more) and have no end to the client requests for such a thing in sight.

I would say that most businesses that use spreadsheets could benefit from Appsheet.

Appsheet begins to lack when it comes to customer-facing apps or web-apps intended to be used by customers of a business.

Appsheet is NOT ideal (and probably not intended) for making an app sold directly to end-users through an app store as you will find many needed features, like ads, not supported.