White Label using Google play console

I am trying to White Label my APP - Android first. I am getting this error in Google Play Console:
Unoptimized APK


This APK results in unused code and resources being sent to users. Your app could be smaller if you used the Android App Bundle. By not optimizing your app for device configurations, your app is larger to download and install on users’ devices than it needs to be. Larger apps see lower install success rates and take up storage on users’ devices.

I went through the steps inside Appsheets to get my APK. I placed that in Google Play Console. But i cannot get past this error. The “start rollout to production” is greyed out. Any help would be appreciated. I tried using Android Studio as well - like it said to try - Google bundles. I am lost there as well…

Unfortunately, I cannot help but since you haven’t had a response, I would try sending a message to support@appsheet.com

Good Luck!!

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This is just a warning. It will allow you to go past. I get this warning all of the time (if you don’t do their optimization step to reduce the number of packages).
Most likely the reason the “Start Rollout to Production” is grayed out is because you might of missed another step. Are all of the check marks green along the left hand side of the window? I believe there should be 5 of them. If there is a mandatory section that is not complete, then it will show up as a gray check mark on the left side of the window.

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Thank you very much

Yep, ignore this one…