White label

Hello everyone, I would like to know if with the white label option I can eliminate the url of appsheet? and see the one on my own website, for example.

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You can create a sub-domain under your domain i.e. app.yourdomain.com and create URL forward with masking from this domain to your AppSheet app’s URL link. This is how we have set our own domain for example. Check www.able3ventures.com

2nd option is, you can iFrame your app in your website. However please consider that this option will not work for secure apps where user authentication is set.

ABLE3 Ventures, LLC
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great, thank you very much!


Option number 1 works with secure apps? I’ve done as you have described but my site is seen as “Unsecured site”. Therefore, I believe this is why I can’t use 365 Login.

I really need this to work. Any help will be appreciated.

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Does this only apply to paid or trial applications?

Did you figure out how to get your domain while keeping the SSL?