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Can somebody tell me clearly tell me which is the subscription plan I need to white label one app and it will cost in US dollars a month. I couldn’t find that Publisher Pro plan and couldn’t understand what do you mean by 10 user secure subscriptions. Can you tell me how much it will cost for one month (or one time) to white label one App, that’s all simply and clearly as if I’m going to the supermarket to buy a piece of bread.
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With Publisher Pro (pay per app plan, all app data is public, no secure user login) it’s $50 per month per app + Google Developer account costs
With Pro (pay per user plan, all data is sure with user user auth) it’s $10 per user per month. To white-label an app with this plan requires at least 10 active users, so the cost will be $100 per month per app + Google Developer account costs

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Hello @LeventK its me again. I just want to ask what will happen to my app back-end if I white label it. For example I will white label a public app (Publisher Pro Plan) and distribute it to Google Play Store. Can I still edit my white labeled app in the AppSheet Editor? like change or update some data and expressions of the already white labeled public app? Please enlighten me. Thank you!

You can always edit your white-labelled app in the AppSheet Editor for sure. However, may be remind you that those changes will not have an affect on the white-labelled app and won’t be refltected as yet. To update a white-labelled app, you need to request an updated APK file and upload that APK as a newer version from your Google Play Developer console.


Exactly what im looking for as an answer. Many thanks to you @LeventK!

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