Whitelabel android app submission not compliant due to Covid-19 reference

Hi All,

I submitted this ticket to the appsheet support but was wondering if others users have had this issue. I submitted for review my whitelabel fitness app to google play and they rejected it saying that my app has reference to Covid-19 organization!



So… I’m guessing your main issue here is that your app does not contain references to Covid-19 while Google is saying it does? Have you read through all those links to see if you just happened to have some random keyword they are flagging?


Does your app actually contain these references and you want to know what you should do about it?

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Hi Dave,

My app is a fitness app without any references to covid-19. Google did not share any detail on where these references are. I just wonder if Appsheet has introduced some metadata related to covid-19.

I believe there is an appeals process of sorts for these false positives, but to be honest I can’t help any further than that.

I have appealed. We’ll see. Thanks.