Who has a need for Appsheet Apps For Users Outside of your Company Domain

That is certainly confusing. The ‘Security Filters’ help article indicates at the top:


Although it uses the word “normally”, not “requires”.

I’ve attempted to use a security filter in a public app before. The system let it happen, but 30 or so days later, the app owner received a message that they needed to switch plans or get their app blocked.

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Well that’s stupid. If that is the case then ya you can’t do anything to secure the data in a public app from not being possibly accessed. Definitely should remove the PRO from Publisher PRO then cause I can’t even find a feature list for the publisher plans.


I was surprised.
It’s definitely confusing.

I’m afraid to go back to the topic, but I know of an example of another platform that is dealing with this issue, so I’ll share it.

Salesforce has a scheme called Appexchange where partners can sell OEM applications using Salesforce as a platform.

Of course, partners don’t purchase licenses at a price like $150 (USD/user/month).

As the use of AppSheet expands, I expect this kind of scheme to emerge in the future. :smile:


@Markus_Malessa I totally agree with your statement of "empowering’ people to build apps and then offer them using the SaaS model. The cost that would have to be charged to app-users prohibit some applications ever being built, because they would be financially unviable.

Also it’s a struggle to understand the AppSheet cost structure and plan accordingly. Hopefully AppSheet will revisit their approach to charges, especially now they are operating under Google.