Whos Turn is it - App

Hello everyone,

I made a Task management app for my small workshop using Appsheet and it’s been working great :smiley: Thank you so much Appsheet, for the great tool and platform.

I am know trying to figure out a way to add or make a new app to help us in keeping track of taking our turns with our weekly maintenance of the space. So we are now 5 users in the workshop, and for the common spaces like the kitchen or bathroom or weekly tasks like taking out the garbage and stuff like this, we want to have the app tell us at the beginning of the week - it’s x’s turn to do these stuff this week. And also, it should be really easy for the guy to push a skip button and take it to the next guy, but have himself put right back into the que (in case he is actually in vacation or for any other unpredictable reason he cannot do it that week).

Before I start trying to build the app myself, I was wondering if there is such an app already made as a template or if anyone else had a go at it before? Or even if you know of such an app for android otu there (I looked but can’t really find something).

Or if you have any smart ideas of how to configure this one :smiley:
Thank you,

No sample app but in generally you would need one Que table where you set the normal path. Then you can show your own tasks with a virtual column / slice but if it’s temporary assigned to someone, then show that field instead in that virtual column.