Why a Boolean expression is accepted in a Show_If but not if I include it in an if()

I do NOT get an error when my Show_If is Table[Field] (Boolean), but I get an error if I use it as if( Table[Field], true, false). Thoughts?

It’s a limitation in the syntax checker. It has a lot of flaws like that. Both of your expressions are bad.

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I thought my Table[Field] would return a true or false since my [Field] is a Boolean field in my Table. I’m using “Table” as a placeholder of the name of my Table and “Field” as the placeholder of my Boolean field. My actual syntax in the Show_If is Filtering[Show Name] since Filtering is the name of my Table and “Show Name” is the name of my Boolean field.

What syntax can I enter in the Show_If to get the true or false stored in my Filtering[Show Name]?

Thank you.

Table[Column] always returns a List type.

You might try ANY(), or INDEX(), or LOOKUP() ,which is just ANY(SELECT())

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Thank you! I used the following and it is exactly the behavior I wanted.

IF( IN( CONTEXT( “View”), LIST(“Proficiency Funnel”, “Proficiency Results”) ), ANY ( SELECT(Filtering[Show Name], [Email] = USEREMAIL() ) ), true )