Why are images within the app so low resolution?

Good day AppSheet Community,

I am working on an app on a free plan, yet to move to a paid corporate plan.
The splash screen and other images within the app are pixelated (not unusable but significantly lower resolution) than the same images I uploaded to Google Drive for AppSheet to use (The images on Google Drive are high resolution). Text in the images are blurry.
Is this downscaling of photo resolution a feature by design and will it display in full resolution once I upgrade to a paid plan? Or is this a limitation of AppSheet in general?

Thanks for reading,
William Pyke

Does it look the same when switching between mobile, tablet, and fullscreen modes? Are you seeing it on a device, or in the editor’s emulator? It might be getting stretched or zoomed somehow if the image is not the same ration as the app screen.
There should not be any downscaling due to you not having paid yet.

It looks low resolution everywhere in the app, even in other images.
This behavior occurs no matter if I am viewing it on a device or in the emulator.
The top and bottom of the splash screen image is being cut off and the image is zoomed in, cutting off text at the bottom of the launch image (Is there any way to help prevent this?).
Images within the app are low resolution on all devices even when I press the ‘full screen’ toggle on the top right when an image is selected (Which appears to do nothing). The only exception to this is viewing it on the editor’s emulator and then pressing the full-screen toggle which allows me to then view the image in full resolution. But that is of no use to me since I cannot view the image on full resolution on the devices that my users use, and will result in a poor experience.

Have you tried clicking on UX, Options, scroll down to Forms and change the image upload size to either High or Full?

I have the same option. I tried different exports. My export is rectangle but i tried a square as well. The problem for me is that is is almost impossible to read the text.

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