Why Can I not Display OverLay Action on Table view (Possible Bug)

Why am I not able to display Overlay Action on Table View?

Ive tried absolutly everything. I need this action to permanently save changes to a temp Quick Add Table I have.

I copy all rows to a different Table with Quick add enabled, they change what they want and than click the save action which will copy rows back to a different table. I need this functionality.

Any Ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Its working for some Action Types, but not for “Execute and Action on a set of Rows” Not sure why this wouldn’t work as you need to depict what rows the action will apply to, its not like the user need to go into detail view so action knows what row it applies to.

@Aleksi or @praveen once went into detail about the ins and outs of why overlays and table views work the way they do, but I couldn’t find it again to link you there.

My best suggestion for a workaround, is to use a dashboard or inline table view.

Yea but this table has quick edits enabled… Need it to go to the full table view. Which works amazing btw, but not understanding why it won’t show my Action of Type (Execute an Action on a set of Rows) as it is not a row level action in any aspect…

With a dashboard, you should be able to keep full table and quick edits AND overlay actions.

There are only two (if I recall correctly) overlay actions that work on aggregate (deck, gallery, and table) views: add and CSV export. No other actions can be used as overlay on aggregate views because all other action types are designed to be used on a particular row, something to which [_THISROW] can refer. In an aggregate view, there is no “this row”.


To add to what Steve said,

You may not have setup your action to be a row-level action (rely on data from a specific row), but the system doesn’t know that.

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shite. Ok thanks Guys, I figured something else out, had to go with the action of type “go to another appsheet view” which does overlay on the table. Here I just added a name column and than on save of this form copy all the rows of the temp editing table.

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