Why can't an "Update Only" table have a "Form" view type?

I have a single table in my app where I only want to allow “Updates”. No “Adds”. So, I’ve set that appropriate value on the table under Data.

Here’s what I want to accomplish…

On a particular field, scan in the unique number. From that number, grab and show the fields that the operators need to update. Allow them to make the changes and save the updates.

I originally had this accomplished using a “Table” View type for the data but I wanted to streamline the process for the operators. Instead of clicking on the filter/magnifier, scanning in the barcode then clicking on the row to edit - I wanted to skip thoses steps.

I want to show a single field that allows a scan. On scan, pull the record that was provide. Show the columns that need to be updated and allow save.

Is that possible?

FYI… I was using Repeat Scans n Save as my inspiration.

You need a view and table before going to your row that you want to update. Basically you need to scan the barcode and save a form that has an on save action which takes you to the view where you would edit the necessary column.