Why "Create app" button is blank?


I want to create an app for google sheet in which i am an editor, but not an owner.

But in tools option I can’t push “create app” button, which is blank.

What is the reason for that ant what steps we should take to make it available for me as editor of sheet?


This doesn’t matter. Appsheet can work with read only sheets. Though your Appsheet account email address needs to be also granted at least readonly permissions to the spreadsheet

Personally I create the spreadsheet first, then in my Appsheet account click “Make a new App”, then “Start with my own data”

Hello, Simon,

i found out, that in same file in other sheets - “create app” button works for me, but on one, which I want to use - no. It strange, because I am editing fully the whole excel file.

Try copying the google sheet to see if that helps. But AFAIK the owner of the sheet is irrelevant as far as appsheet is concerned